Have you ever gone to a sporting event and wished your yard looked like the turf on the field? Are you tired of looking at an ugly dirt yard? Are you frustrated with it becoming a mud pit every time it rains? If so, Kelly Sod Farm has exactly what you’re looking for! Sod is a quick and easy solution to turn an eyesore into a gorgeous carpet of grass in no time!


Kelly Sod Farm is located in the fertile Red River Valley -- just downstream from Lake Texoma -- near the town of Hendrix in Bryan County, Oklahoma. The farm has been in the family for more than 50 years, producing corn, cotton, and peanuts to name a few. The farm planted its first crop of Bermuda sod in 1992 and Kelly Sod Farm was born.


Kelly Sod Sales on Texoma Parkway in Denison,Texas opened in 2004. Kelly Sod Farm wanted to provide their customers with more products while still providing the same great service at a convenient location. Come visit our NEW LOCATION in Durant, Oklahoma.


Kelly Sod Farm is a family owned and operated business that is committed to providing excellent service to each and every one of our customers in the Texoma region and beyond. We have stood behind our products and services for over 20 years, and are proud to offer competitively priced pr


The first step is to measure your yard, in order to determine the amount of sod is needed. It's important that you order enough to cover the entire space desired the first time. While you are waiting for the sod, make sure that the soil is prepared for installation. This means killing/removing all weeds, tilling the soil, and making sure any drainage issues are taken care of. When the sod arrives, it will need to be installed within 24 hours, while it is fresh and healthy. For the first 2 weeks after installation, irrigate your new lawn daily it should be kept moist, but not standing in water.


Irrigation is crucial for sod survival if you live in a dry region. Due to current water shortages across the country and Texoma, homeowners should maintain a deep, infrequent irrigation schedule. You should apply just enough water to moisten the soil to a depth of 6", while avoiding runoff. After irrigation, do not add more water until drought symptoms are noticed. These symptoms include the sod turning a dull bluish color, leaf blades rolling, and footprints that persist for an extended period of time


Fertilization is necessary to keep your sod fresh and maintain that beautiful deep green color. You should use a fertilize mixture with a 3-1-2 ratio. 3 standing for nitrogen, 1 for phosphate, and 2 for potash. This mixture could be 15-5-10. You will need to apply approximately 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet each month during the growing season. The numbers in the fertilize mixture represent the pounds of nutrient. For example, the 15 nitrogen in the above misture means 15 pounds of nitrogen is present in 100 pounds of fertilizer mixture. So for the mixture above, you will need to apply